Choose a sustainable, cost-effective energy source for your home or business with AAA Solar Energy! We are the trusted providers of affordable solar panel installations and replacement services in Ventura, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, and other nearby counties!

AAA Solar Energy has helped thousands of homes and businesses switch to reliable, safe, and clean energy with our premium solar panel installation and replacement services from Ventura, CA, to Santa Barbara, CA, and nearby counties for over 23 years. Since 1999, AAA Solar Energy’s backbone has been our team of professional electricians and technicians who are well-experienced and trained in the industry.

We established our name in solar panel repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement services at affordable rates. AAA Solar Energy is committed to providing the best solar energy solution to every residential and commercial establishment with our premium materials and high flexibility to suit your needs. Our clients can attest to our dedication to our work, quality service, and project efficiency.

We believe that solar energy is the best way to move forward. Our goal is to enable more families and businesses to tap into solar energy to save on electricity expenses and live worry-free from power service outages.

Choose reliable, cleaner energy for your home and company today! We also offer solar panel system financing with competitive rates and a range of options. We serve clients in many counties from Ventura, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, Santa Paula, CA, Los Angeles County, CA, and nearby areas!

Solar Panel Repair in Ventura CA


*Includes Comprehensive Solar Energy Review

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